Chloe's Cause

Board of Directors

  • Anthony J Davenport
  • Michael Hume
  • Bill Ottey
  • Dr. Rohit Gulati
  • Richard Grant

Anthony J Davenport, BSME, MBA


MBA – University of Maryland, RH Smith School of Business
BSME, University of Maryland, Clark School of Engineering
Profession: Engineering and Marketing Managers of MSC Software Corporation

What does Chloe’s Cause mean to me?

Chloe is my niece. Mike, Bill and I originally created Chloe’s Cause with the help of many friends and family members as a way to help Chloe who has Down Syndrome and, at the time Leukemia (currently in remission).  However, in a very short time, we quickly realized that there are many families that need help. So we expanded our mission statement, and opened up a wonderful world of helping and giving.  Having Chloe’s Cause in my life has taught me that with a lot of help from my friends and family we can truly make a difference every day where it counts — in people’s lives.

Michael Hume

Vice President, Operations

Profession:  I am Business Development Executive with Clovis Group, responsible for driving and supporting major account opportunities to Federal and Commercial customers through high level planning, networking, teaming arrangements and reviews. Clovis is a leading IT talent acquisition and consulting services firm with practices in Agile, Government Services, Workforce Management and Life Sciences. Since 1989, we have provided talented professionals and outstanding consulting services for our clients.

What does Chloe’s Cause mean to me?

Because of the long hours and dedication to my current role,  Chloe’s Cause offers me a sense of giving back while learning a great life lesson along the way for myself and my family.  I am very pleased to be apart of such a young and motivated group that is not afraid of helping children in need.

Bill Ottey

Chief Financial Officer

Loyola University and Loyola Graduate School for Business.
Profession: Owner and Operator of SLM Business Services in Maryland which specializes in small business accounting and all types of taxes.

What does Chloe’s Cause mean to me?

I have been friends with Chloe’s grandparents since I was 8 years old.  We grew up together and are practically family.  I look at Chloe almost as one of my grandchildren.

Dr. Rohit Gulati, MD, FACP, MBA

Board Member

MD – Punjab University, India
MBA – Robert H Smith School of Business
Academic Internist
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Profession:  I am a medical doctor, Internist, with Union Memorial Hospital and manage a practice in Baltimore, MD

What does Chloe’s Cause mean to me?

One of the greatest joys is to help someone without expectation of anything in return.  Chloe’s Cause exemplifies that, making me a proud board member of the cause.

Richard Grant

Board Member

University of Maryland, School of Law
Profession: Policy analyst in the Office of Policy for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

What does Chloe’s Cause mean to me?

What I enjoy about Chloe’s Cause is meeting new people and knowing that we can have a positive impact on their lives.